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Speaker Tip
People tend to let down their guard and get "lazy" when speaking to someone in their own home.  However, this can be a difficult situation for those with hearing loss.  It is important for speakers to enunciate clearly, even in the comfort of their own home.
Homework Assignment
When speaking to someone around the house, try pretending that your listener is a stranger (we tend to speak slower and more clearly when speaking with a bank teller, grocery store clerk, etc.).  If your listener has missed what you said, don't shout or exaggerate your words.  You wouldn't do this with a stranger in a public place, so don't do this to your loved one in your own home.

Practice Makes Perfect!
Henry's Hearing Aid Tip
Wear your hearing aids when you are at home!  Your brain needs time to adjust to amplified sound, and the time you spend at home is just as important as the time you spend out and about.  You will be much more successful with your hearing aids if you wear them full time, and your loved ones will love you even more because of it!
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